Specialized Unit Training



Superior Tactics offers training seminars and courses designed for specialized units in Law Enforcement. Frank J. Reda, Owner and Founder of Superior Tactics, has created and instructed each of the following seminars and courses designed for local, state, and federal agencies. The seminar and course materials are Connecticut State P.O.S.T. certified. Frank Reda and his hand selected experts have years of training and experience in the fields they instruct and more importantly have the ability to teach and communicate that knowledge to their clients. Whether you are looking to train a new or experienced officer, specialized unit, or conduct an in-service seminar for those at your agency, our staff remains unique in their ability to adapt to any training environment and audience. The following is a list of the Specialized Unit seminars and courses that are available:


  • EOD Tactics
  • Scuba
  • SRO
  • Gangs Intelligence
  • Armorer 
  • Sniper
  • Patrol Self defense
  • Patrol Street survival
  • Negotiation
  • Interview techniques
  • Criminal Interdiction for Patrol
  • Self Defense for undercover Officers
  • Balancing a quality Law Enforcement family life
  • *and many more coming soon